Saturday, October 16, 2010

Alabama Loss

South Carolina had two weeks to get ready to play Alabama, and it showed. They beat Alabama in every way possible. I was hopeful when Garcia threw the ball out of the endzone for a safety to start the second half, but that hope didn't last long. Hopefully the Tide can bounce back this Saturday against Ole Miss.

Parathyroidectomy...What is that?

On September 27, I had a parathyroidectomy. I have been feeling really tired for a while, and during a routine blood test, it was discovered that my calcium level was really high. I had it checked again in a week, and it was even higher. It was decided that I should go for a scan in Jackson, so I did. The scan showed that I had an adenoma in my lower left parathyroid and that I should have it removed. The surgery was done on Monday and I had to stay in the hospital overnight. Now after about three weeks, I'm beginning to feel like myself again. This picture makes me have chills. I can't imagine this being my neck...

Daniel's 13th Birthday

It's hard to believe that Daniel is already 13. He wanted an Alabama cake, so I found this one online and the ladies at Miller's Big Star made it. It tasted as good as it looks. I got the candles that keep lighting after you blow them out - don't do it. We had a hard time getting them put out. Happy Birthday, Daniel!!

Evelyn's 75th Birthday

June 19 was Evelyn's 75th birthday. Of course, she didn't want any fuss made over her, so we all met at Country Squire in Iuka to celebrate with her.

Differentiated Instruction Conference in Chicago

In July I was fortunate enough to go to Chicago to the Differentiated Instruction Conference. Ms. Linda and her friend Janie picked me up early Monday morning and we went to Memphis to get on our plane to Chicago. We had a great time. We learned so much that we'll be able to share with our teachers. We also had fun together after the conference - we ate some yummy food, went on a bus tour and a boat tour, and enjoyed Navy Pier. I made so many pictures - there was so much to see where we stayed on the Magnificient Mile. The only thing I didn't get to do on our trip was visit Wrigley Field.

My 43rd Birthday

I'm very lucky to have such a wonderful family and friends. I was surprised with lots of goodies at school on my birthday this year. I love flowers! We had cake, and I got to open lots of sweet gifts.

Fall Wildlife Show 2010

September always means a visit from Bob Tarter, the animal guy. This year he brought five very interesting animals for us to see.

Baxter, the kangaroo
fruit bat

Egyptian chicken
legless lizard