Saturday, March 21, 2009

My Little House on the Prairie Bird House

When Katy and I went to visit Mother and Daddy this week, my daddy had a surprise for me. He had seen a birdhouse that looked like the house the Ingalls lived in on Little House on the Prairie, and he had made me one!!! Doesn't it look great? Daddy can make so many things with wood. I love Little House on the Prairie, but I love this birdhouse because he made it for me. Mother bought me a bird to sit on the porch. While Daddy was making birdhouses, he made one for Mother and Stacy, too. I'm so lucky I have such a good daddy!!

Quick Trip

Katy and I made a quick trip to Cherokee to visit my mom and dad. We went after church on Wednesday night and spent the day on Thursday. Stacy and Joseph came on Thursday, so we got to spend some time with them, too. Mother, Stacy, and I visited with Jean (her husband, Coach Hubbard passed away recently). Joseph and Katy had a good time together. Katy needed to make some pictures to turn in with her yearbook staff application, so she decided to make some picture of Mother's flowers. We had to leave Thursday afternoon so we could get back home in time for the basketball game at Oman Arena. We enjoyed the time we were able to spend with Nana, PawPaw, Aunt Stacy, and Josie.

First Round Game

We were so excited to go to the first round of the tournament on Thursday night. Wayne and Daniel sat down in the seats close to the court, but Katy and I sat up in the crowd with the
F-HU group. Laura Beth has lost her two front teeth while we've been out for Spring Break (thanks in part to Carter), and I couldn't resist making her picture. We were surprised when they announced that Wayne would be shooting a granny shot while sitting in a recliner at a time-out. He got two shots, and if he made one of them, he would win a recliner. He came close on his second shot, but we don't have a new recliner. The kids all got a big kick out of his being out there shooting - some adults did, too. He's been getting lots of advice on how he should've done the shot. This game went well, and we won 73-59. Unfortunately, our game on Friday night went into double overtime, and we lost. One of our girls got her nose broken, and the officiating seemed to be different depending on the end of the floor the action was on. We were not very happy about the game or the outcome, but the Lady Lions have definitely made us proud this season. There are no seniors on the team, so we are looking forward to next season!!!

NAIA Banquet of Champions

One of the things we've come to look forward to doing over Spring Break is attending the NAIA Women's Basketball National Tournament in Jackson. F-HU's Lady Lions have been part of this tournament every year for the last several years. We have been very fortunate the last couple of years to be able to attend the tournament banquet on Tuesday night thanks to Katrina, one of the sponsors of the tournament. We went along with the Welches and Ryan. We enjoyed chicken, corn, green beans, potatoes, and key lime pie. The decorations were all leprechauns since the date was March 17. The teams are announced and then the All-American team is announced. Our own Jana Cross was named to the All-American team again this year. She's had to miss several games this year due to injuries, so we were thrilled that she made the All-American team, but imagine our excitement when she was named NAIA National Player of the Year. Katy was so excited - I think her face says it all. I can't think of anyone who is more deserving of such an honor!! We were sort of disappointed when Channel 7 or the newspaper didn't mention anything about her in the upcoming days, but Wayne mentioned this to Reggie, the sports man at the tournament, and on Friday night, he did a spot with Jana. There was also this article in the Jackson Sun.

Reading Continues with Mrs. Rosemary's Class

Cierra, John Nic, Alex, Kate, Tyler, Tyler, Dalton, and Starr enjoy their time with their new third grade friends.

We continue to meet every other Friday with Mrs. Rosemary's third graders. We take turns visiting one another's classrooms. I know my children love this activity. They spend a lot of time picking out the books they want to share with the older kids. We made them valentines for Valentine's Day, and we were thrilled that they brought us valentines, too. The next time we got together, the third graders performed two plays for us - one about Rosa Parks and one about Harriet Tubman. The children are forming relationships with one another. I love walking around the room and listening to their reading and the conversations they share. These pictures show my Alex, Evan, Shelby, and Tyler reading with their third grade friends.

Natasha Richardson

Katy loved watching The Parent Trap when it came out in 1998. We watched it over and over. I loved Natasha Richardson in the movie. I really couldn't remember her real name, so when the news broke about her skiing accident, I had to look it up to see if this was who I remembered from this movie. I'm so sad about her death - especially since she had two young sons. It really causes you to think about priorities and how we need to have our lives in order.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thanksgiving Thursday

Well, it's been another eventful week - some good and some bad. I still have so much to be thankful for.
1. I am thankful to have known Nana - Mrs. Carolyn Ward. She was such a sweet person, and I will miss her.
2. I am thankful that the police department has apprehended two suspects in her murder. I hope they get what they deserve.
3. I am thankful that the Lions and Lady Lions both received invitations to the National Tournament.
4. I am thankful that most Freed-Hardeman students act like Christians are supposed to act at a basketball game.
5. I am thankful for all the Freed-Hardeman students I'm getting to know as I help with Makin' Music this year. They are truly awesome.
6. I am thankful to have such a wonderful husband.
7. I am thankful to have super children, Katy and Daniel. (I just wish they wouldn't fight so much sometimes.)
8. I am thankful for children. They make me very happy.
9. I am thankful for all the FHU students who are willing to spend their spring breaks on mission trips. I hope they all have safe trips this week.
10. I am thankful for spring break. I just hope we can make it through tomorrow. The natives are restless. (Kite Day was cancelled because of the weather, too.)
Hopefully next week I'll have more time to spend with my blog since it's spring break. It helps me so much each week to at least reflect on my blessings with Thanksgiving Thursday!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thanksgiving Thursday

Well, I've been so busy that I haven't been able to put my Thanksgiving Thursday post up for a couple of weeks.
1. I am thankful for the beautiful snow God sent us.
2. I am thankful that I had two days I could spend at home catching up on some overdue projects.
3. I am thankful for a new floor and newly painted walls in my classroom at church.
4. I am thankful that my parents got home safely from my brother's house in Orlando.
5. I am thankful that Wayne celebrated another happy birthday this week.
6. I am thankful that Daniel's Titanic project is done.
7. I am thankful that the Lions and Lady Lions have done so well this season.
8. I am thankful that both Daniel and Katy had good report cards.
9. I am thankful to have such good college students to work with on Makin' Music. They're all doing a great job!
10. I am thankful to have such supportive parents in my class.
11. I am thankful that we received a letter from John this week. He's doing well in Iraq but misses home.

I'm feeling really overwhelmed right now, and it helps so much to reflect on all the blessings God has given and continues to give.

Sunday, March 1, 2009


Recently my first graders read "The Lady in the Moon," a story set in China. Mrs. Sandy made mooncakes for the kids to try. They were very yummy, and the kids loved them!

March 1: Snow Day!

It started snowing on Saturday evening. The kids played outside until almost 8:30 - throwing snowballs at each other. When we got up Sunday morning, Wow! I measured 8 inches in our front yard, but some people at church said that we had 10 or more inches of snow up to a foot. Daniel and Ryan went tubing with Andrew and had a great time! We won't have school tomorrow, because the roads are still covered and the temperatures are supposed to go down into the 20s. The snow was so beautiful. We're enjoying it while it lasts.


On Saturday, February 21, our congregation participated in a program called TeachWell. We're trying to help people become more comfortable teaching Bible class. (We need more teachers!!)
Joyce Bloomingburg taught the CradleRoll class. I taught the 3-5 year old class. Becky taught the K-3 group. Dwina and David Willis taught the 4-6 grade group. Other presenters taught the folks who were interested in teaching junior high through adults. Becky and I had decided not to bring much stuff, but as you can tell by the picture, I did not follow that decision. I'm always so afraid that I'll go blank, so the more "stuff" I can have, the better. Along those lines, I prepared a PowerPoint presentation - it had 209 slides!! I was able to cover them all and cover all the "stuff" I brought as well.
I thought the day was great! Justin showed a video of the elders singing children's songs and encouraging everyone to try to be a teacher. I hope we were able to encourage some more people to share in the joy of teaching. I have gained so much by being a teacher, and I wish more people would try and see the great things that will happen!!

American Landmarks Reports by my First Graders

My class has been learning about American landmarks. The children selected a landmark that they wanted to learn more about. They were to find five facts about the landmark and a picture to show us. Once again they did a fantastic job. Alex A. reported on the White House. Alex T. told us about Yellowstone National Park, and we learned all about Old Faithful. Eli reported on the Lincoln Memorial and brought everyone a penny to look at. Evan reported on the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, and he brought a video that showed him at the Arch when he was 18 months old. I'Tavia told us about the Capitol. John Nic gave his report on Mount Rushmore. Kate reported on the Grand Canyon. Kendyl told us about Plymouth Rock. Laura Beth was out with the flu, but she later told us about the World War II Memorial. (I'll post more on her report later.) Lillie told us about the Washington Monument. Shelby C. reported on the Golden Gate Bridge. Shelby T. told us about the Alamo. We listened to a song about Davy Crockett after she gave her report. Starr reported on Pearl Harbor. Tyler B. told us about the Tomb of the Unknowns. Tyler C. gave his report on the Liberty Bell. Tyler G. told us about the Jefferson Memorial. We learned so much about these important landmarks along with the Statue of Liberty, our flag, and the bald eagle.