Tuesday, October 13, 2009

ABCs of The First Nine Weeks

Well, I've made it to October being principal of East Chester Elementary School. Who would've thought that I would ever be a principal? Certainly, not me!!! I love teaching, and thankfully I still get to teach four-year-olds at church. Now that nine weeks have passed by and we're on Fall Break, I've had a little time to reflect over what's happened so far. I hope that I will be able to be as happy being principal as I was being a teacher, but for now, I'm just happy that things seem to be going well. I want to have something to look back on to remember this first year, so I thought I'd do the ABCs of the First Nine Weeks.

A - Awesome Students, Faculty, Staff, and Parents
B - Buses
C - Cafeteria
D - Detective
E - Emergency Lights - Spring and I get to check those once a month
F - Fire Drills - I was so nervous before the first one, but it went great!
G - Grandparents Day - menus, visitors, schedules, etc...
H - Help! Everyone has been so wonderful to help out!
I - Illness - Flu especially
J - Jill hurt being a buzzard...
K - Kindergarten - I miss it!!!
L - LEAD conference
M - Meetings - IEP, faculty, PTO
N - Nashville - I've had to go to Nashville all by myself for Beginning Principals Academy.
O - October - Getting ready for Fall Festival
Q - Questions
R - Recess
S - Spring - What would I do without her?
T - Technology - Great when it works...
U - U-turn - I made several when I went to Nashvile
V - Valuable - Everyone should feel valued.
W - Wildlife Show
X - eXhausted
Y - Yummy treats
Z - Zoo - sometimes the office seems like a zoo