Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Valerie Project

The medical mission trip to Guyana is coming up soon, so Mrs. Lowe has been busy getting clothes ready for the children there through the Valerie Project. Valerie went to Guyana several times on mission trips, and she loved helping the children there, so after her tragic death, Mr. and Mrs. Lowe have dedicated lots of their time to keeping that dream alive through the Valerie Project. Little dresses and shorts/shirt sets are made throughout the year to go to the children of Guyana with the medical mission team. Rhonda, my cousin heard about this, and she got the ladies at Maud Church of Christ busy sewing. My aunt Evelyn and my mom also sew for the project. Last Tuesday morning Rhonda and Evelyn came by my house and delivered 375 pieces to go to Guyana this year. Tonight after the evening service all the dresses and outfits were on display in the Activity Center for everyone to see. The Sew Sisters have also been busy making bears to go to the children. I can just see Valerie's beautiful smile....

Buddy Carlyle

While watching the Braves today, the announcers reported that pitcher Buddy Carlyle (one of our favorites already) has diabetes. Apparently he hasn't been feeling well for a while and he had lost quite a bit of weight. Now that he's started insulin, he's already feeling better. Even though I'm sorry that he's diabetic, I'm glad that someone with his character will be able to be a role model for my kids, especially Daniel who really watches athletes. I found this article on that tells more about Buddy. I'm wasn't at all surprised when I saw that he wants to help kids deal with diabetes. Well be keeping up with Buddy and hope that he's feeling much better soon.

(Article from The right-handed reliever went on the disabled list May 26 with a back/neck strain. But after losing nearly 20 pounds in recent weeks, Carlyle went in for bloodwork Wednesday that revealed an extremely high sugar level.
Tests confirmed he had type-1 diabetes, once known as “juvenile diabetes.” It’s usually diagnosed in children and young adults. Diabetics’ bodies do not produce enough insulin, a hormone needed to convert sugar (glucose), starches and other food into energy for daily life.
It’s a serious disease, but one that can be managed if treated properly. There have been notable athletes with type-1 diabetes who have continued successful careers, including NFL quarterback Jay Cutler.
Cutler lost considerable weight and zip on his passes before being checked out and diagnosed with diabetes. He now carries insulin with him in a pouch.
Carlyle experienced a loss in energy and a decline in his fastball velocity over a period of several weeks this season, and his ERA ballooned to 8.84 after a string of rough relief appearances that included two grand slams allowed.
“Now it makes sense,” he said, describing how something felt wrong during that period, when his energy level wasn’t normal and he couldn’t keep his weight up. “It’s given me and my family some relief, knowing what is wrong and that it’s something that’s treatable.”
Carlyle was holding a syringe and insulin as he spoke to a reporter Friday afternoon. He was about to go to a private area of the Braves’ clubhouse to give himself his first injection, the first of five-daily injections he must take.
“I’m going to do everything right, treat this the way you’re supposed to,” he said. “It’s definitely a life-changer. My plan is to get back to pitching, and I’m going to try to use this as a positive, to help other people out, kids who have a hard time dealing with it after being diagnosed.”

Daniel Goes to Baseball Camp

This past week Daniel attended Freed-Hardeman's Baseball Camp. Daniel is a good baseball player, and he wants to get better. Coach Patrick McCarthy and some of the Lions' Baseball players worked with the boys from 9-12 each morning Monday-Wednesday. Then on Thursday morning the boys were excited to learn about sliding, because they got to use the Slip'n'Slide. They all had a good time, but Daniel's friend Kyle got cut on the tarp and had to have stitches. The boys received certificates and camp shirts at an awards ceremony at 11:00. Daniel had the highest score on the baseball fundamentals tests for the 10-11 year olds, and he chose FHU baseball shorts as his prize. We were very proud of him!! We were also proud that he helped out with some of the younger boys who came. Carter, one of Daniel's favorite friends, came to camp for the first time this year. Daniel said, "I'm going to look out for Carter and make sure he has a good time." When he thinks about others instead of himself, I feel like we're doing something right as parents. We were also proud of Kyle, who was chosen as "Camper of the Week." Great job, guys!!! Maybe you'll be playing for the FHU Lions someday.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Star Trek with Stacy

Today Stacy and I met at mother's and went to Florence to see the newest movie "Star Trek." We both enjoyed watching some Star Trek episodes growing up, but we really kept up with "The Next Generation." Anyway after seeing the previews we both agreed that we'd like to go see it, so today was the day. We enjoyed the movie even if we didn't enjoy the $6.50 tickets, $7.50 popcorn, and $4.45 cokes. It was nice to spend some time with my sister.