Monday, June 1, 2009

Star Trek with Stacy

Today Stacy and I met at mother's and went to Florence to see the newest movie "Star Trek." We both enjoyed watching some Star Trek episodes growing up, but we really kept up with "The Next Generation." Anyway after seeing the previews we both agreed that we'd like to go see it, so today was the day. We enjoyed the movie even if we didn't enjoy the $6.50 tickets, $7.50 popcorn, and $4.45 cokes. It was nice to spend some time with my sister.


  1. Aren't the prices crazy these days??!! We are lucky enough to have the Milan theater close by - $4.00 tickets, and CHEAP snacks! We love it!

  2. It is expensive!! I really want our little FHU theater back open soon!!! Anyway, I'm glad to hear from a real Treky that the movie is good. I want to see it and I grew up on Star Trek!!

  3. We went in Florence, and I think that the prices there are higher than they are in Jackson. Sasha, I love going to the FHU theater, too. I can enjoy the movie without worrying that I've spent too much money to see it.