Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Community Helpers Reports

Last year when these children were in kindergarten, we received new standards to go by. One of the standards stated that the children should be able to research a topic and give a report on it. I'll post those report pictures later, but the standards continue with all grade levels, so this year, we've already done one research report. The children chose a job that they would like to have or a job that one of their parents does. They were able to invite someone to come and help them with their reports or use "visual aids" to help them. We heard about coaches, vets, activities organizers, scientists, principals, state troopers, teachers, doctors, carpenters, policemen, and soldiers. During our study of community helpers, we also talked about fire safety, so we enjoyed a visit from the fire department. I really appreciated all the parents who came and helped us learn about jobs (Mr. Charles, Mr. John, Mr. Troy, Mr. Kevin, Mrs. Becky, Dr. Brian, and Mr. Tim.) Other parents helped their children make powerpoint presentations, video shows, and posters. We also got to see lots of neat visuals - Eli showed us how vets give pets shots; Tyler showed us the different tools that carpenters use and what they use them for, John Nic helped do a scientific experiment for us to see and he also showed us the safety equipment that scientists use. Everyone did an outstanding job, and I was very proud of my students once again.

Saturday, December 27, 2008


Movie Time

Yesterday Wayne and I went to see Valkyrie. I really didn't know what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised. I love history movies, and this one was full of history that I had never heard of. When we got home, I looked it all up and was amazed that I had never heard this story. After the movie we went to eat at Moe's (Wayne doesn't like Mexican food so he was sweet to go there.) Then we went to Sam's and loaded up on supplies for the coming month. We also got some food for Daniel's friend JJ so hopefully his family will have some warm food to eat.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Pray for John and Stacy

This is my sister Stacy and her husband John. John will be leaving for Iraq on January 3. He will be gone for six months. Stacy and John have one little boy, Joseph. Please add John and Stacy to your prayer list. Obviously we need to pray that John stays safe and that the six months passes by fast. Stacy will have a big job caring for Joseph by herself. He's a typical boy - busy and requiring lots of attention, so please keep them all in your prayers. We also need to keep President Obama in our prayers and hope that he is able to bring an end to all the conflict in the Middle East. I'm not sure that this is possible, but hopefully he can help ease some of the hostilities. We love you, John!!!

Christmas at Nana's and PawPaw's

We had Christmas at my parents' house Christmas Day this year. The whole group was there - Mother, Daddy, Chris, Stacy, John, Joseph, and my family. My aunt Evelyn came over for a little while and we gave her our gifts. We enjoyed a great variety of finger foods together - chicken fingers, bacon/Ritz crackers/parmesan goodies, ham & cheese rolls, cheese ring, cheese dip, crockpot candy, fudge, Granny's cookies, Katy's pecans, vegetables & dip, chips, pickles, chicken salad sandwiches, sausage balls, pigs in a blanket and Daddy's birthday cake (which I didn't get a bite of - I was too full!) Then we opened presents. It was so fun to watch Joseph open his presents. He was so excited. We really enjoyed out time together. My brother-in-law will be leaving for Iraq on January 3. Daddy said a special prayer for his safety before we had our meal. We all hope he has a very, very safe trip and that he's able to come home in six months as planned.

Merry Christmas, Daniel and Katy!!

It seems like once you start opening Christmas gifts, you just want to keep on. We had Christmas at Wayne's parents' for lunch on Christmas Eve and came back home afterward. We went to church here in Henderson and took Michael and JJ with us. After church Wayne took Michael home and brought Katy and I home and then took JJ and Daniel to Walgreens. We wanted to make sure that JJ and his family had plenty to eat. Wayne and I decided to let Daniel and Katy open their Christmas presents Wednesday night so they could sleep a little later on Thursday morning. What a Christmas! Katy's favorite gift was her IPod Touch. Daniel got a new TV for his room to play his video games on. Even though "Santa" didn't come this year, it was fun watching them open their presents and enjoy them so much. Guitar Hero and American Idol were also favorites. Both kids are so funny singing and playing along.

Daniel's Questions....

Evidently some kids at school had been talking about Santa, so about a week ago Daniel asked Wayne if Santa was real. What do you say? It's been so much fun being Santa, so it was sad when Wayne told him that daddy and mother were really Santa. He really didn't react too much and went on to his room to play a game. In about ten minutes though, here he came back. "What about the Easter Bunny?" he asked. Wayne told him that I was the Easter bunny. Back to his room Daniel went, but then in about ten minutes, he came back and asked, "What about the Tooth Fairy?" Boy, we felt like we had totally ruined his childlike innocence. He went right in and woke up Katy to tell her the news. It was a sad day for me.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve at MawMaws and PawPaws

Well we started our morning making preparations to go to Florence for lunch at Wayne's parents' house. We had gotten Wayne's dad a new extension ladder, and we had to ride like this all the way to Florence. At least it kept the kids separated so they couldn't fight. Haha!!!

We had a good time. Wayne's mom had fixed potato soup, peas, macaroni and cheese, cornbread, rolls, and ham. For dessert we had carrot cake (Wayne's favorite) and banana pudding.

Wayne's parents, Jane and Van (MawMaw and PawPaw); his sister Tina and her husband Steve; our niece Stevie and her boyfriend Landon; Wayne's aunt Keene; and our family all enjoyed being together and sharing Christmas Eve. Wayne's mom loves shopping and always gives us way more than we deserve. Merry Christmas Scott Family!!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Daniel and Michael

We love baseball for a lot of reasons, but one of the best is the friendships that are made when you play sports of any kind. Michael and Daniel became friends by being on the same team several years ago. They've played fall baseball together the last two years, too. Tonight Michael and his dad came over so that they could exchange gifts. Daniel gave Michael two PlayStation 2 games. Michael gave Daniel an Alabama t-shirt. These two are so much alike - they both like sports and playing PlayStation, but most of all they like food! They don't even realize that the best gifts they're giving to each other is the gift of friendship. I hope they remain as close as they are now for many years to come.

Alabama Platter

Each year we exchange gifts with Barry, Amy, Kennedy, and Ty Kerr. This year we got Kennedy a Barbie Christmas movie. Ty got an Alabama sweatshirt. Amy got a picture frame and a wood-wick candle (she got me one several years ago and I love it!). Barry got a book about Bear Bryant. They brought the kids ITunes cards which they loved. They gave me and Wayne this totally awesome Alabama platter! I haven't seen one like this, and I absolutely love it. Thanks, Barry and Amy! Merry Christmas!

Little House on the Prarie tree

This year our PTO purchased 4' tall Christmas trees and asked each class to decorate it. The trees would then be auctioned off at the Fall Festival. My class and I love Little House on the Prarie, so we decided to make a tree like Laura and Mary might have had. I made candles out of toilet paper tubes and colored celophane. I put Christmas lights up into the "candles" so they looked like they were burning. We made a paper chain out of brown paper. One of the children brought in small pine cones and we made ornaments out of them. We made a gingerbread ornament for Pa, Ma, Mary, Laura, and Carrie. Each child also made a button wreath out of red, green, and white buttons to go on the tree. We made cinnamon stick ornaments and yarn tassels. My friend Becky (Laura Beth's mom) even found us a star to go on top that looked just like the star the Ingalls family had at Plum Creek. She loves Little House too, so I was very glad that she won the tree at the auction!

Fall Festival Crafts

I have so many awesome parents who help me with my class, so I wanted to make more than one class project to auction off at the Fall Festival. The children and I painted two flower pots. I used their fingers to make ladybugs and ants. I painted their hands and fingers to make the wreath and then Kendyl's E-Mother made this pillow for us. We also decorated three aprons to auction. Mrs. Sandy painted our hands to make the Christmas tree apron. Miss Jodi painted the girls' hands to make Santa and the boys' hands to make Rudolph on the denim apron. I painted the children's fingers to make candy canes along the side of the gingerbread man apron. It's hard to see them, but the girls' candy canes are on one side of the apron and the boys' candy canes are on the other side. I really enjoy making things with the children. They're always so proud of the finished product and their parents loved all the things we made.

Fall Festival Quilt

Several years ago I started making a class quilt with my class to auction at the Fall Festival. I had always done the children's faces and their names since I was teaching kindergarten and "All About Me" was one of our first units. Since I've looped with my kindergarten group to first grade, we decided to make an animal quilt (this group LOVES animals), so I had each child draw an animal. I made the ladybug square for Mrs. Sandy, my assistant, and me. Kendyl drew a lion. Shelby T. drew an elephant. Eli drew a dog (His dog died unexpectedly this school year, and he drew her, Maxie). Dalton drew a penguin. I'Tavia drew a frog. Lillie drew a crab. Stormie drew a hippo. Tyler G. drew a jellyfish. Cierra drew a cat. Laura Beth drew a caterpillar. Evan drew a monkey. Kate drew a rabbit. Shelby C., drew a turtle. Alex T. drew a bear. Starr drew an ant. Tyler C. drew a moose. Tyler B. drew a butterfly. Alex A. drew a bat. John Nic drew an alligator.

After the children drew on the squares and I set them in with waxed paper and an iron, I sent them along with the fabric for the back to my mother. She and my aunt Evelyn worked so hard to make this quilt out of our work. They are amazing!! This year our quilt raised $650 for our school's PTO. We were all thrilled!

Christmas 08

I love Christmas! I seem to start decorating earler every year. I started before Thanksgiving this year so I could concentrate on spending time with my family instead of worrying about decorating. I love the way the tree looks this year! I have some ornaments that are extra special to me. The first one is a homemade bell. My Granny made it the last Christmas she was with us. She couldn't remember a lot of things, but she could sew up these little bells. It's the first ornament I put on the tree every year. I really miss her - she was a wonderful Christian and grandmother. My mother has given us several ornament through the years. The Mickey Mouse ornament and the snowflake ornament are two of my favorites. She knows I love Disney World! I also love Snoopy, so I have several Snoopy ornaments. Katy has Barbie ornaments all over the tree - we try to get a new one every year for her. Of course, Daniel's ornaments are sports-oriented. I love Christmas and all the wonderful memories it brings with it.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Count Your Blessings

An old farmer listed his property for sale with a real estate agent, who wrote up an advertisement. When he read it to the farmer for his approval, the farmer was thoughtful for a long moment, then said, "I don't believe I want to sell it after all. That's the kind of place I've been looking for all my life, and I didn't realize I already had it until you just described it to me."
Isn't this like most of us? Not satisfied with what we possess because we simply have taken it for granted! Look around you, dear friend. Look at your family, your house, your congregation...your blessings!
Wayne brought this clipping home, and I thought it was perfect for describing why I named this blog "Count Your Blessings." My daddy always said those three words to me and my sister and brother whenever we started complaining about what we didn't have or what we thought we "really needed."
Sometimes when I get bogged down with all the things I'm so busy with - being a wife, taking care of the kids, teaching school and Bible class, etc., I forget to count my many, many blessings. I hope keeping a better record of what's happening in my life will help me to do this better.

Christmas 07

Since I'm new to blogging, I'm trying to go back and catch up with all the pictures on my camera (which I've now downloaded to my new computer instead of keeping all 800 of them on my camera). What better place to start - last Christmas! Luckily our parents live very close to one another. My parents live in Cherokee, AL, and Wayne's live in Florence, AL, so on holidays we're able to visit both homes in the same day. Usually we eat Christmas Eve lunch with Wayne's family and open presents and then go to Cherokee for supper with my family and open presents. Then we travel back to Henderson to get ready for Santa's visit. I loved going back and seeing pictures of Chris, my brother; Stacy, my sister; John, my brother-in-law; Joseph, my nephew; my parents; my husband, Wayne; and my kids, Katy and Daniel. I'll definitely make more pictures of family this year so I can post a better blog. Merry Christmas 07!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Daniel's Basketball Games on 12/20/08

Someone contacted Wayne about organizing a "travel" basketball team much like the travel baseball teams that Daniel has played on. Today was the first game for the Chester County team. They had had one practice together on Thursday night, but still they played very well considering that these guys are spread out among seven teams here in Henderson. The team members were Daniel, JJ Dotson, Jonathan Phillips, Brady Clark, Collin McPherson, Wilson Miskelly, Kyle Brown, Braden Lott, and Trey Deming. We won the first game by 20 points and lost the second game by 5 points.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Centers in First Grade

Today we enjoyed nine fun Christmas centers in my class. I have a wonderful group of 19 children and parents that are so helpful and supportive. Today's centers were:

1. Eating - We enjoyed sausage & biscuits, fruit, cheese, and juice!
2. Making candy cane reindeer with Mrs. Marla.
3. Making a Christmas Countdown chain with Mrs. Brigit and Mrs. Suzanne.
4. Making a Christmas tree ornament and coloring a Christmas tree countdown with Mrs. Becky and Mr. Tony.
5. Making a snowflake pattern candy necklace with Mr. Charles and Mrs. Laurie.
6. Opening all our gifts with Mrs. Kelly and Mrs. Amanda.
7. Sticker art with Mrs. Sandy.
8. Making cards for the nursing home with Mrs. Carol and Mrs. Lena.
9. Making candy canes out of bells with Mr. Bobby.
I've been with this class for an entire year and now half of another year. These children and their parents will also be very special. I truly appreciate each and every one of them. Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Bible Class Christmas Party

Sunday after going to the funeral home and to a baby shower, we had a Christmas party for the four-year old and kindergarten Bible classes. We had several sweet children who came - Carter, Cade, Sofie, Sophie, Jacob, Gary, Josh, Joey, Lawson, Tucker, Alex, and Clint. We started our party by decorating Merry Christmas cards with crayons and stickers. Then I read a couple of Christmas books to get us in the holiday mood while Sandy and Becky sat out the snack for the day, Oreos, chips, and juice. We also played a quick game of 4-Corners, one of the children's favorite games. Then it was time for centers: we made reindeer food & snowman soup with Becky; did a Santa puzzle & made a pattern necklace with red, white, and green beads with me; and decorated a Christmas tree with sequins along with a Santa Claus beard countdown with Sandy. We covered cans with holiday wrap for the children to keep their goodies in. The end of the party was the highlight of the entire party though - we took the children upstairs to give their cards and Snowman Soup to some of the older members of the congregation. Mrs. Holly even made our picture for the newspaper. We had a wonderful time and even made plans to expand our activities next year. It's so wonderful to have such precious children to work with along with two ladies who are very special to me.

Visiting Ivy Green

Last summer we visited my mom and dad in Cherokee, AL. Stacy, my sister, and Joseph, her son, were there too. Daniel had been reading about Helen Keller in his reading class, so we decided to visit Ivy Green in nearby Tuscumbia. (We used to visit here when Stacy and I were younger.) We had a great time, and Katy, Daniel, and Joseph loved being together. We made lots of pictures of the three cousins together as we learned about Helen Keller and her place in Alabama history. It's amazing to see how much they've grown in just one year.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Daniel, the Basketball Star!

Daniel (11) loves all kinds of sports. When he was a baby, and we tried to get him interested in Barney or some other cartoon like Katy was, all he wanted to watch was SportsCenter. He loves to play basketball and baseball. He wants to play football, but his mother does not want him to and so far I've had my way. Daniel's basketball team this year is the Celtics, and Wayne and Scott Miskelley are the coaches.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Kim, the Blogger

I've enjoyed reading and looking at several of my friends' blogs, so here goes! This seems like a good way to keep track of my family, school activities, and Bible class lessons not to mention all the great activities we're involved with. I hope this will be as much fun as it looks!!