Monday, December 22, 2008

Count Your Blessings

An old farmer listed his property for sale with a real estate agent, who wrote up an advertisement. When he read it to the farmer for his approval, the farmer was thoughtful for a long moment, then said, "I don't believe I want to sell it after all. That's the kind of place I've been looking for all my life, and I didn't realize I already had it until you just described it to me."
Isn't this like most of us? Not satisfied with what we possess because we simply have taken it for granted! Look around you, dear friend. Look at your family, your house, your congregation...your blessings!
Wayne brought this clipping home, and I thought it was perfect for describing why I named this blog "Count Your Blessings." My daddy always said those three words to me and my sister and brother whenever we started complaining about what we didn't have or what we thought we "really needed."
Sometimes when I get bogged down with all the things I'm so busy with - being a wife, taking care of the kids, teaching school and Bible class, etc., I forget to count my many, many blessings. I hope keeping a better record of what's happening in my life will help me to do this better.

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  1. Thanks for the thoughts Kim!! We do need to remember to count our blessing EVERY DAY!! We are so blessed. Have a Very Merry Christmas!