Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Fall Festival Quilt

Several years ago I started making a class quilt with my class to auction at the Fall Festival. I had always done the children's faces and their names since I was teaching kindergarten and "All About Me" was one of our first units. Since I've looped with my kindergarten group to first grade, we decided to make an animal quilt (this group LOVES animals), so I had each child draw an animal. I made the ladybug square for Mrs. Sandy, my assistant, and me. Kendyl drew a lion. Shelby T. drew an elephant. Eli drew a dog (His dog died unexpectedly this school year, and he drew her, Maxie). Dalton drew a penguin. I'Tavia drew a frog. Lillie drew a crab. Stormie drew a hippo. Tyler G. drew a jellyfish. Cierra drew a cat. Laura Beth drew a caterpillar. Evan drew a monkey. Kate drew a rabbit. Shelby C., drew a turtle. Alex T. drew a bear. Starr drew an ant. Tyler C. drew a moose. Tyler B. drew a butterfly. Alex A. drew a bat. John Nic drew an alligator.

After the children drew on the squares and I set them in with waxed paper and an iron, I sent them along with the fabric for the back to my mother. She and my aunt Evelyn worked so hard to make this quilt out of our work. They are amazing!! This year our quilt raised $650 for our school's PTO. We were all thrilled!

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