Friday, December 26, 2008

Pray for John and Stacy

This is my sister Stacy and her husband John. John will be leaving for Iraq on January 3. He will be gone for six months. Stacy and John have one little boy, Joseph. Please add John and Stacy to your prayer list. Obviously we need to pray that John stays safe and that the six months passes by fast. Stacy will have a big job caring for Joseph by herself. He's a typical boy - busy and requiring lots of attention, so please keep them all in your prayers. We also need to keep President Obama in our prayers and hope that he is able to bring an end to all the conflict in the Middle East. I'm not sure that this is possible, but hopefully he can help ease some of the hostilities. We love you, John!!!


  1. We will definitely keep them (and you) in our prayers. Have I ever told you that I have a sister named Stacy?

  2. We are definitely praying for them, along with all the others we all know in similar situations. It is a scary time with all the change, but we have to remember that ultimately, God is in control!!!!