Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas 08

I love Christmas! I seem to start decorating earler every year. I started before Thanksgiving this year so I could concentrate on spending time with my family instead of worrying about decorating. I love the way the tree looks this year! I have some ornaments that are extra special to me. The first one is a homemade bell. My Granny made it the last Christmas she was with us. She couldn't remember a lot of things, but she could sew up these little bells. It's the first ornament I put on the tree every year. I really miss her - she was a wonderful Christian and grandmother. My mother has given us several ornament through the years. The Mickey Mouse ornament and the snowflake ornament are two of my favorites. She knows I love Disney World! I also love Snoopy, so I have several Snoopy ornaments. Katy has Barbie ornaments all over the tree - we try to get a new one every year for her. Of course, Daniel's ornaments are sports-oriented. I love Christmas and all the wonderful memories it brings with it.

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