Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas, Daniel and Katy!!

It seems like once you start opening Christmas gifts, you just want to keep on. We had Christmas at Wayne's parents' for lunch on Christmas Eve and came back home afterward. We went to church here in Henderson and took Michael and JJ with us. After church Wayne took Michael home and brought Katy and I home and then took JJ and Daniel to Walgreens. We wanted to make sure that JJ and his family had plenty to eat. Wayne and I decided to let Daniel and Katy open their Christmas presents Wednesday night so they could sleep a little later on Thursday morning. What a Christmas! Katy's favorite gift was her IPod Touch. Daniel got a new TV for his room to play his video games on. Even though "Santa" didn't come this year, it was fun watching them open their presents and enjoy them so much. Guitar Hero and American Idol were also favorites. Both kids are so funny singing and playing along.

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