Saturday, April 17, 2010

Javy Lopez

One of our all-time favorite players for the Braves was #8 Javy Lopez. He played catcher a while back. Katy was about 3-4 when he played and when we would watch the Braves every night, she would stand in front of the TV and yell "Go Javy, Go Javy!". She loved Javy so much. When we heard that he would be coming to the Diamond Jaxx game last night, we knew we would have to go and try to see him. He was so nice. He autographed Daniel's glove and made several pictures with us. It was a perfect night for baseball, and we enjoyed it very much with Becky, Carter, and LB along with Mr. Gary and Mrs. Rosemary. But, hands-down, the highlight of the night was getting to meet Javy Lopez and how very nice he was to all of us.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dixie Carter

I was very sad to hear that Dixie Carter had passed away Saturday, April 10. She was 70 years old. I love to watch "Designing Women" mainly because of Julia, the character she played. Our second graders are going to a play at "The Dixie" in Huntingdon, her hometown. She was a great southern lady.

This year's Makin' Music is over. Chi Beta won this year with their show "Ear"replaceable. I thought all the shows were good this year. There really was no clear winner, and that's the way I like for it to be. I am amazed each year at the talent that we have here at Freed-Hardeman University. It was a pleasure to work with the students as they prepared their club shows. I worked a lot with the groups managers Marcia Jo and Whitney. The coordinators this year were great as well: Dustin and Erin. We had a great time together...

Lads to Leaders

This year Lads to Leaders was held during Retreat Weekend, so I didn't get to go. Wayne and the kids traveled to Nashville without me. I'm very proud of Katy and Daniel for participating in several events including speech, Good Samaritan, song-leading, puppets, scrapbook, and oral Bible reading. Katy has also been teaching this year, so she received a special award for that. I'm also very proud of them for encouraging others while they do their events. They're pretty good kids!!!

Jana's Last Tournament

We were fortunate enough to be able to attend the NAIA Banquet of Champions thanks to Mrs. Katrina again this year. Jana Cross has been a wonderful role model and example to our kids. We're very proud of all her accomplishments on the basketball court for the four years she has played for Freed-Hardeman. I know she's going to be a wonderful teacher!!

Laura Beth's Cookie Party

In December we were very excited to attend Laura Beth's cookie party for moms and daughters. We had a great time!