Saturday, March 21, 2009

First Round Game

We were so excited to go to the first round of the tournament on Thursday night. Wayne and Daniel sat down in the seats close to the court, but Katy and I sat up in the crowd with the
F-HU group. Laura Beth has lost her two front teeth while we've been out for Spring Break (thanks in part to Carter), and I couldn't resist making her picture. We were surprised when they announced that Wayne would be shooting a granny shot while sitting in a recliner at a time-out. He got two shots, and if he made one of them, he would win a recliner. He came close on his second shot, but we don't have a new recliner. The kids all got a big kick out of his being out there shooting - some adults did, too. He's been getting lots of advice on how he should've done the shot. This game went well, and we won 73-59. Unfortunately, our game on Friday night went into double overtime, and we lost. One of our girls got her nose broken, and the officiating seemed to be different depending on the end of the floor the action was on. We were not very happy about the game or the outcome, but the Lady Lions have definitely made us proud this season. There are no seniors on the team, so we are looking forward to next season!!!

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