Saturday, March 21, 2009

My Little House on the Prairie Bird House

When Katy and I went to visit Mother and Daddy this week, my daddy had a surprise for me. He had seen a birdhouse that looked like the house the Ingalls lived in on Little House on the Prairie, and he had made me one!!! Doesn't it look great? Daddy can make so many things with wood. I love Little House on the Prairie, but I love this birdhouse because he made it for me. Mother bought me a bird to sit on the porch. While Daddy was making birdhouses, he made one for Mother and Stacy, too. I'm so lucky I have such a good daddy!!


  1. I really like the bird house!! I love watching the birds!

  2. ok, it's beautiful!!!!!!!!!! And probably because I am a Little House on the Prairie addict. I was watching a movie the other day that had Melissa Gilbert in it and she will always have "Laura" written on her face! :)

    How sweet of your dad to build that for you.

    I'm catching up on everyone's blogs today since it's snowing out and I have no desire to do any work around the house. It's me, my cup of coffee and two beagle boys on the bed with the computer. Ahhhh, a nice Sunday retreat!

    blessings to you~