Saturday, March 21, 2009

Reading Continues with Mrs. Rosemary's Class

Cierra, John Nic, Alex, Kate, Tyler, Tyler, Dalton, and Starr enjoy their time with their new third grade friends.

We continue to meet every other Friday with Mrs. Rosemary's third graders. We take turns visiting one another's classrooms. I know my children love this activity. They spend a lot of time picking out the books they want to share with the older kids. We made them valentines for Valentine's Day, and we were thrilled that they brought us valentines, too. The next time we got together, the third graders performed two plays for us - one about Rosa Parks and one about Harriet Tubman. The children are forming relationships with one another. I love walking around the room and listening to their reading and the conversations they share. These pictures show my Alex, Evan, Shelby, and Tyler reading with their third grade friends.

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