Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine Centers in First Grade

Once again my class enjoyed a wonderful holiday celebration. Eleven parents were able to come and help me and Sandy celebrate Valentine's Day with the children. We were able to eat, make conversation hearts necklaces, make love bugs, add with M&Ms, graph conversation hearts, do a sticker project, guess how many conversation hearts we could pick up, make cards for the nursing home, make a bear lollipop cover, and a bear art project. We all had a wonderful time, and the children went home with lots of valentines and candy along with projects to remember this special day.


  1. Fun, fun!!! They all looked like they had a great time - awesome that you had so many parents come to help!!!!

  2. How fun!! Wow you had lots of parent involvement..that's wonderful!!!

  3. Good morning! I missed having my own classroom this year for Valentine's Day. I have such great memories of last yr. I love how you captured all of the kids' faces and activities. How do you do the collage part on your blog? It is soooo cool. I spent the last two days in Kindergarten, exploring with magnets and measuring length of shoes with cubes. Wow, we had a great time and we all learned lots! I made up two big graphs of our feet (because I had them trace their shoes and color the tracings before I cut them out & laminated them) after we measured. Interesting things we found out about the length of our shoes in each class.

    I love checking out your blog...thanks for being such a wonderful teaching role model for me!

  4. Kerri,
    Thanks for your post. I understand what you mean about not having your own classroom - I didn't have my own classroom for three years. You can do the collages from Then choose page. From there you can choose your collage and start adding pictures. It's really easy. I love using it.

    Hope you have a wonderful day. I enjoyed hearing about the magnets and measuring activities.