Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mother's Day

Tomorrow is Mother's Day. I have been so blessed with a wonderful mother. She always took (and still does) such good care of us. I have such great memories of growing up with such an awesome mother. There's three of us - me, Stacy (2 years younger than me), and Chris (8 years younger than me). We definitely learned that working was preferable to being lazy. We also learned to have respect for our elders. A very important lesson we learned was to help others - taking food, mailing a card, making a phone call to check on someone - Mother does these things all the time. She can sew, is an excellent cook, and loves flowers. She always takes such good care of our daddy, too. I remember her getting up to fix his breakfast before he left for dayshift and then having that breakfast (fried egg, bacon, toast, coffee) ready when he got home from midnight shift. We always look forward to the birthday celebration each year (my birthday and Stacy's both are in August). We love smoked chicken with "Tommy" sauce, so that's what we have. Mother is also an incredible grandmother. She has three grandchildren - Katy, Daniel, and Joseph. They are so lucky to have a grandmother like Nana. All of us have been so blessed by our mother. She is like the virtuous woman in Proverbs 31. Thank you Mother for all you've done for all of us! I love you!!

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