Sunday, July 19, 2009

VBS Night 4

Night 4: Jesus is Alive!
I thought this lesson was a little advanced for my little ones, so we simplified it as much as possible. Using the tomb that Becky and I have used for the lions' den, the fiery furnace, etc., I made the kids' pictures outside Jesus' tomb. Ava wanted to go inside, and as if on cue, when she got inside, she said,"Mrs. Kim, there's nothing in here." PERFECT TEACHING MOMENT....I couldn't have planned it better. We went from there to explain how Jesus was raised from the dead. We also talked about how Jesus made breakfast for his disciples on the beach. We had fishsticks again - they loved them so much the previous night. We also had resurrection rolls. They were really neat!!! Check them out on the Bible Teachers blog. Sandy made pictures.

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