Saturday, April 4, 2009

EP: Once Upon a Rhyme

Sigma Rho's show is called "Once Upon a Rhyme." Since I teach nursery rhymes, I have loved this show since I heard their idea. The nursery rhyme characters are tired of the way Mother Goose has arranged the rhymes so they decide to switch. Georgie Porgie hangs out with the King's Men; Little Bo Peep hangs out with the girls; and Humpty Dumpty hangs out with the sheep. In the end, they find out that "mother knows best," and they go back to their original rhymes. This group has been super to work with. They worked hard from the beginning, and I was so amazed at how organized and motivated each person in this group has been. I know they'll do a great job this weekend! Good Luck, Sigma Rho!!!

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