Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Makin' Music Retreat Weekend

Saturday was a busy day. The clubs at Freed-Hardeman were all on retreat working on their Makin' Music shows. The groups managers, Kathryn, Lauren, and Chelsea and I visited all the retreat places and took the directors some goodies. One of our surprises was these cards. They said:
Makin' Music (M&Ms) is almost here. You will have these memories (Now & Later), but we know your mind is on your (PayDay), when you hit the stage. Of course, you deserve (10,000 Grand), but (Mounds) of stress seems to be the only payment Makin' Music (M&M) can afford.
We have had lots of (Snickers) watching your little (Sweettarts) learning to move their arms and lets together. Sometimes your cast members macy seem like (Airheads), but they will be (Lifesavers) when it's SHOWTIME. We hope your budget is not below (Zero) when (Heath) comes to see you. You are an (Extra) special group of directors so (Skor) big next weekend!! Love Mrs. Kim and Your GMs
We used candy bars to make these special treats for all the directors. They all seemed to like it!

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  1. those are awesome!! Who wouldn't love a card like that!!!