Sunday, April 19, 2009

Katy's 15th Birthday Party

Katy's birthday was March 27 - her 15th. It's so hard to believe that she is really 15. It seems like only yesterday that she was running around in her rubber boots singing "The Fireman Song" with Barney. The weekend of her birthday was Makin' Music retreats, and since I was the off-stage manager, it was going to be very difficult to do her party then. She was very pleased to have supper at Spaghetti Store with Wayne, Daniel, and I and then to go to the retreats with me. The following weekend was Makin' Music, so no party that weekend. Then we had Lads to Leaders the next weekend, so party was out for that Saturday. Yesterday April 18th was the first Saturday we could all get together. My sister's father-in-law has had some complications with heart surgery and late Friday evening it was decided to redo the surgery on Saturday, so Stacy left Joseph with our parents and made preparations to be in Nashville. Then on Saturday morning Mother called and said that Joseph had had fever in the night and seemed like he was getting a sinus infection. We decided that it was ok for him to come, so the party was on. Melissa Allen had made Katy a wonderful PKA Makin' Music genies, wizards, and leprechauns cake; the house was clean; and all the food was ready. Wayne's parents, my parents, my aunt Evelyn, and Joseph were the guests for the big party. We had pork and chicken BBQ from Rick's (Mother brought it - Katy's request), chips, baked beans "hot" dip, chips, creme puffs, and cheese ring with no onions (also Katy's request for Nana). Then we enjoyed cake and ice cream. Katy got several nice gifts. We replaced her cell phone for an upgrade. She also got a Lucy watch, some Bama jewelry, a pair of Yellow Box flip-flops, Snoopy pajamas, a beach towel plus some money which she wants to use to get a new camera. Daniel had been to a sleepover the night before and hadn't gone to bed until 3:30 AM, so he was not a very happy camper. Then Joseph wasn't feeling well either, and we found out today that he has the flu!! But, all in all, the party was great, and it was wonderful to get to spend time with our families. (Oh yeah, my daddy brought me a bluebird house. I have to find a place to put it though. When we first moved into this house bluebirds would bang into the picture window in the kitchen, but we haven't seen many since then, so maybe now that I have a house, they'll come back.) I'm so glad that Katy had a wonderful birthday - now we've got to work on getting the driver's permit.


  1. Sounds like she had a great birthday!!

  2. I love the cake!! Did you make it? Katy is growing up FAST!! Driving soon??? WOW!!