Friday, April 17, 2009

Katy's Birthday Cake

Katy's 15th birthday was March 27, but it was Makin' Music Retreat Weekend, and she wanted to go to the retreats with me, so we didn't get to have her family party then. The following week was Makin' Music, and the week after that was Lads to Leaders, so we're having her party tomorrow! We worked on the menu, but when it came to her cake, she wanted a Makin' Music cake (did I mention that this girl LOVES Makin' Music?). We found a cake in one of my Family Fun magazines that was called a Wonderland cake - three layers with each being a different color. Katy loved it, and she wanted a pink layer to represent the genies in PKA's MM show; a blue layer to represent the wizards; and a green layer to represent the leprechauns. I told her I would try, but I could not promise a good-looking cake. I took the picture to school to talk to some of the moms that come to help me with centers, and one of my sweet mothers offered to make the cake for me (thanks bunches, Melissa!). Anyway Wayne and I picked it up tonight, and Katy absolutely loved it. Melissa did an outstanding job making it be just what Katy wanted. I am so lucky to have this set of parents - I don't know what I'll do without all their help and support. I'll post more pictures tomorrow of the big event!!