Saturday, January 24, 2009

25 Random Things About Me...

Thanks for tagging me, Becky. Okay, here goes.
1. I'm trying very hard to live the Christian life every day.
2. I am Wayne's wife - for almost 20 years (July 22) - WOW!
3. I have two great kids - Katy (almost 15) and Daniel (11). I love being their mom.
4. I'm a kindergarten teacher. (This year I'm teaching first grade with my kindergarten kids from last yar.) I can't imagine doing anything else. I love it!
5. I have a sister, Stacy. She lives in Madison, AL. Her husband John is in Iraq right now with the National Guard. Please pray for them!
6. I have a brother, Chris. He lives in Orlando, FL. He's an optomotrist. He also loves to travel. In the past few months he's gone to Los Angeles, New York City, and now he's in Utah.
7. My parents are Roger and Ruth Choat. They live in Cherokee, AL. I don't get to see them as often as I'd like but I can feel their love and support every minute.
8. I love watching Daniel play sports. He plays basketball and baseball.
9. I love watching sports period especially Alabama football, Atlanta Braves baseball, and Tennessee Titans football. I'll watch almost anybody play baseball, football, or basketball especially when I'm folding clothes.
10. I'm hooked on 24.
11. I love Little House on the Prarie - books and TV show.
12. I love teaching the four year olds in Bible class on Sundays and Wednesdays.
13. I love to plant flowers.
14. I love peas.
15. My favorite place to eat is Outback. I love their Alice Springs chicken.
16. I do not enjoy public speaking, BUT I'm trying to do better with this.
17. I love Freed-Hardeman University.
18. I enjoy cooking when I have time.
19. Growing up I lived in the same house in Cherokee. Since I've been married, Wayne and I have lived in Cullman, AL; Tuscumbia, AL; and Henderson, TN.
20. I have taught third grade, first grade, and kindergarten.
21. I love Snoopy.
22. My husband and both my kids have Type 1 Diabetes, so I've become a diabetes "expert."
23. I love Disney World. I wish I could go every year.
24. I love studying the Bible. You can always learn something new.
25. I love history. I guess I got that from my daddy. This past week learning about the inauguration and other inaugurations was very interesting to me.

Now I get to tag someone. Let's see. I tag:




I can't wait to see what you put! Have fun...


  1. Thanks for tagging me!! I was hoping I'd get tagged after I saw Becky's blog this morning!! My mom also loves snoopy! She has recently been collecting snoopy rubber stamps to make cards with!

  2. I loved getting to know you better! And my Wayne's birthday is July 22nd! Can you believe that?

  3. I love making new friends on here. Isn't it a small world?!