Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sad Sports Stories

After Alabama football is over our family shifts focus to the Atlanta Braves upcoming season. We've been able to attend several games over the past few years with the kids and even got to go to a spring training game a couple of years ago when we went to DisneyWorld over Spring Break. Wayne and I were Atlanta fans before we knew each other. We even went to Braves games on our honeymoon. I remember cheering for the Braves when they were at the bottom of the standings. Dale Murphy is my all time favorite Brave, but I've enjoyed watching Terry Pendleton, Fred McGriff, Chipper (of course) Jones, Brian McCann, Tom Glavine, and the list could go on and on. One of the best Braves through the years has been John Smoltz. We loved watching Smoltzy pitch when he started, then was the closer, and then went back to starting. We were so sad when he got hurt during this past season and had to have surgery but we were fully expecting him to be back playing in a Braves uniform next season - not a Red Sox uniform. It's just not going to be the same without John Smoltz.

Another team my family cheers for is the Tennessee Titans. We were so excited when the Titans started the season on fire. It's been a great season, but it all came to an end today when the Baltimore Ravens beat our team 13-10. Maybe we'll go all the way to the Super Bowl next year.

It was a sad sports weekend at the Scott home.

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  1. Hey, Kim! We were bummed about the Titans, too. Arkansas lost today, too, so that was a "double whammy" around here, as well. No fun - hang in there!!!