Sunday, January 18, 2009

Reading with Mrs. Rosemary's Third Graders

Over Christmas break Melinda Carroll was setting up a new AR system on one of my computers, and she mentioned that once a week her third grade class reads and spends time with a kindergarten class at her school at Jacks Creek. She said it was working wonderfully and that both groups were loving the interaction and reading together, so I mentioned this to Mrs. Rosemary and we began meeting Friday. Her class has guidance class every other Friday, so our two classes will meet on the Fridays she does not meet with guidance. This week her class came to our room "armed" with two books. We paired them up with my students and just stood back and watched. It was truly a joy to watch these students interact and form new friendships. Next time we're going to take a book and Mrs. Rosemary's children will choose a book. At lunch Mrs. Rosemary came over and told our children how impressed her third graders were with their reading. Every time we've seen Mrs. Rosemary's class in hall or cafeteria since then my kids have almost waved their hands off waving at them. I was thrilled to see Max, Bishop and Caelyn (I taught them in kindergarten. John Nic got to be paired with his sister Mikayla (even though he wanted to stay with Laura Beth). Activities like this is what makes teaching so fun for me. I can't wait until we get to meet together again week after next.

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