Saturday, January 3, 2009

Christmas with the Welches

Wednesday night, December 31, Damon, Becky, Laura Beth, and Carter came to our house for supper and to open Christmas presents. We are so blessed to be friends with this special family. Katy just loves Laura Beth, and Daniel loves Carter, too. Becky has been such a blessing in my life. It's hard to think about a time when I didn't know her. She and I think so much alike about things. We love spending time together especially when we're working on one of our many projects.

I made lasagna (my aunt's recipe), salad, garlic bread, lemonaide pie, and yellow cake with "Granny" icing. My "Granny" icing didn't set up right, but it did taste ok. I was able to use my new Christmas plates and the plates Wayne got me from the bookstore last year. We enjoyed the meal together, and then the kids went off to play. Carter was once again his usual hilarious self. When they went into Katy's room, he announced, "No, I do not want to watch Makin' Music!!" Poor Carter, LB and Katy always want to watch Makin' Music, don't they?

Finally I went in and asked them if they wanted to open presents, and they came on into the living room to open a new Alabama shirt, a new Barbie and Barbie clothes, a Vera Bradley hipster, a personalized baseball card box, and Alabama serving plates. Even though we exchanged great gifts, the very best gift of all is having such wonderful friends who help us become better Christians every time we're with them. Merry Christmas Damon, Becky, Laura Beth, and Carter from Wayne, Kim, Katy, and Daniel. We love you guys!!

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