Saturday, January 3, 2009

Prizes for Inservice Presentation

In June Nancy Burns and I went to Lexington Middle School to attend training on the New Standards that the Tennessee Department of Education has instituted for the 2009-2010 school year. Several teachers were sent from all the schools in Chester County, but the K-2 teachers are me, Nancy, Susan Willis, Sherry Thompson, Sherri Henson, and Denise Davidson. We now have to present what we learned at the training to the faculty of our schools, and that training is scheduled for Monday, January 5. As everyone who knows me can attest, I do not like to speak in front of big people. Kids are great, and I love teaching them, but I get extremely nervous speaking in front of grown-ups. I've worked and worked on my part: made a powepoint presentation, highlighted codes in 45 sets of handouts, searched for motivational videos and songs about "change," and just generally thought and thought about what would be most beneficial to share. After I completed the academic part of the presentation, I decided to try to make some simple door prizes. Maybe I can bribe the group to like the presentation....Anyway I've prepared 17 gifts to give away and wrapped them. When I was out shopping on the day after Christmas, I picked up all kinds of snowman stuff really cheap that I've used to hopefully help our day go more smoothly. Now I'm trying to think of something neat to use for an Oprah moment. Three of us are trying to come up with 45 little gifts to give away like Oprah does on her favorite things shows. We're trying to keep a positive atmosphere going when we're presenting some pretty intimidating material. If anyone has a great idea, PLEASE let me know!!!

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