Monday, January 12, 2009

Joseph's 5th Birthday

My nephew Joseph celebrated his fifth birthday on September 17. Katy and I went to Madison to his Harry Potter birthday party. Wayne and Daniel didn't get to go because Daniel had a fall baseball game. Joseph loves Harry Potter so Stacy got him a cloak and glasses and everyone had their picture made with him wearing the Harry Potter stuff. His cake was also Harry Potter. Stacy fixed enough food to feed a small army. Joseph opened tons of presents, and he loved all of them. He also celebrated with his friends on the following Monday at Chuck E Cheese's. Stacy got little gumball machines filled with candy to give Joseph's friends. I wrote their names on the gumball machines while I was at the party. Joseph wasn't too thrilled about turning five though. He told Stacy that he was still four - he didn't want to grow up! Joseph is so cute and he says the funniest things. Happy Birthday, Joseph! We love you!!!


  1. Sounds like a cool party. Joseph and I share a birthday!!

  2. Really!? Now I'll always remember your birthday, too!!

  3. YAY for Joseph! Your letter to come up with 10 things is . . . . "P!" Have fun! Can't wait to see what you come up with!