Friday, January 23, 2009

Coach Hubbard

This afternoon after school my mother had left me a message to call her. When I did, she told me that Coach Hubbard had died last night from a heart attack. She said that Coach Hubbard was in the bedroom reading his Bible and Jean heard a sound which was him falling down. It's so close to the way my uncle Tommy died several years ago, but both of these men would have preferred it this way over living in a hospital or nursing home.
I have been very fortunate to have such positive role models in my life: my daddy, my mother, my granny, my aunt Evelyn and uncle Tommy, Mrs. Holt, and Coach Hubbard. He was an elder at church. He led singing from the time I can remember and probably led singing last Sunday morning. His children were grown up, so he and his wife "Jean" often took me and Stacy home with them from church on Sunday and entertained us - we roasted marshmallows in their fireplace, collected shells at the river, and ate watermelon. Coach Hubbard used to be a football coach and chemistry teacher in Cherokee. Then he was the principal at Barton Elementary School. He would talk to me about my classes at FHU and later when I started teaching. I would ask his advice about discipline or teaching, and he always had some words of wisdom to share. He love Alabama football, and we often shared opinions about players and coaches. I always knew I had a fan in Coach Hubbard. He also loved his garden and would always share green beans, tomatoes, and watermelons with us. We'd walk out on the carport and there would be some fresh vegetables, and we'd know Hubbard had been there. When Katy was little, she gave him a new name - "Hub". My life has truly been blessed by knowing Coach N.C. Hubbard. I know that he is receiving his reward now in Heaven. I'm sure that my granny has welcomed him and they're probably discussing growing something. I'm praying for Jean, Norman, and James as they've lost their husband and father. Tomorrow will be the visitation and funeral, because Coach Hubbard had told Jean that he did not want his funeral or visitation to be on Sunday. He didn't want to interfere with anyone's Lord's Day or keep anyone who might have to travel from going to services. The church lost a great shepherd and influence for good last night. I hope I can live so that I will be able to see him again in Heaven.


  1. I'm really sorry about your loss!

    Who is Mrs. Holt? That's my maiden name and it's not a real common name. My dad grew up in the Florence area. I just wondered if there may be some relation.

  2. Mrs. Holt's family went to church in Cherokee when I was growing up. Her name was Mamie and her husband was Jim. He was an elder. She taught the 4-and-5 year old class for as long as I can remember. They have several children, but my family was closest to Wanda (Waldrep), Brenda (Sprague), and Nancy (Johnson). Mrs. Holt was the first teacher I can remember and I wanted to be just like her.

  3. Kim, my mom said he had been out working in the yard all day, including plowing the garden to get ready for planting this spring. Thank you for sharing your memories with everyone. I was not as close to them as you were, but it is nice to remember anyway.

    I talk with Stacy every chance I get and so does several other people from Church at Madison. I even offered to let my Daniel go over and sword fight with Joseph all day to let her off the hook.

    Hope you had fun with your Mom today. My mom flew in from Houston today and is taking me out one day next week while the kids are in school. That is if we do not have a snow day, which my kids are hoping for.

    from the other Kim from Cherokee who is also married to a Wayne